Compare the Starting Mode of Gold Ore Crusher

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Gold ore crusher is the necessary equipment in grinding process and attracts the expert's attention at home and abroad. The bearing of gold ore crusher has two forms: sliding bearing and rolling bearing. Plain bearing is commonly used; it includes Babbitt lining and copper lining. The rolling bearing is more and more popular and may replace the sliding bearing. There are two starting modes of gold ore crusher; one is direct start (also called a start), which is the main way of motor starting. Another is start with the help of convertor (or called segmented start); the specific startup sequence is as follows: 1. The main motor drives the rotation of belt pulley 2. The belt pulley drives the rotation of eccentric wheel, connecting rod and moving jaw. 3. The eccentric shaft drives the rotation of flywheel The connecting rod and the moving jaw of gold ore crusher have great inertia. When the machine started directly, the power consumption of the motor is very large and it will make the installed power of the motor increases accordingly. The started motor cannot operate at full capacity and will decrease the power factor of the power supply network. Therefore, installing two sets of hydraulic friction clutch on the gold ore crusher not only easy to start the machine, but also to reduce the installed power of the motor. This is reasonable in technology and worthwhile in economy. So this technology should be applied widely in the crusher.

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