Ore Milling Equipments Help Companies Realize Green Mining and Processing

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Today the Chinese government is paying new attention to encouraging the mining machinery companies to do green mining and processing. Speaking of the greening exploitation of the construction materials, we are sure to think of the ore milling equipment which is one of the most suitable and useful crushing machines to help complete tough tasks. Our company has improved the traditional ore milling equipment by combining the old working principle and the new technology and invented the new generation of hydraulic ore milling equipments with excellent fire resistance and many other performances. The new ore milling equipments are full of advantages compared with other machines, For example, it features high reduction ratio, well distributed material particles, few powder materials and low energy consumption. The security oil tank, drop locking tank and hydraulic pushing tank are added to the ore milling equipment in order to guarantee the operation safety. To realize green mining and processing functions, our hydraulic crusher has some competitiveness that few machines can match: 1. Reasonable structure design, advanced crushing principle, reliable performance, low cost, high working efficiency and strong crushing capacity. 2. The reliable hydraulic system can provide useful safety to the ore milling equipment at work. 3. Multi-crushing cavity structure will meet almost every requirement of customers to process different materials. Nowadays the hydraulic ore milling equipments are widely applied in the industries of mining, cement plant, sand making plant and others to finish crushing all kinds of stones such as iron ore, non-ferrous minerals, pebbles etc with the crushing pressure below 350 MPa.

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