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It is reported that thirteen five energy plan is being prepared, the first to be considered are energy saving, especially industrial energy-saving equipment. Energy conservation is the industrial development of China is a major focus of this year's mission, China's industrial development in overcapacity and excessive consumption of energy and resources with economic development to highlight the growing problem. It is understood that the future of thirteen five-year plan, the most important position in the consideration of major energy, industrial energy conservation. Vertical Roller Mill Energy conservation mission, due to industrial motor energy consumption is the largest part of the inefficient use of energy, to accelerate the pace of electrical energy, eliminate backward production resources, improve production efficiency. Upgrading is the future of industrial energy saving technological transformation of a general direction, power generation, mining metallurgy, petrochemical, cement manufacturing and water supply, sewage treatment and other industries is a major industrial energy saving target, and the furnace fan, raw material grinding Fan, pressure blower, vacuum cooler fan, sorter fans, drives, wind turbines and other motor is the main part of the most energy-intensive industrial production. Vertical Roller Mill In recent years, the country to promote the development of the industrial production of energy-saving and environmental protection, has issued a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of energy efficient motors, a huge potential for development of industrial energy-related equipment. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd., as China's most professional powder mill and other equipment manufacturers, energy saving and environmental protection in the upgrading of the powder mill and other equipment made brilliant achievements, the production of LM vertical grinding mill, LUM vertical roller mill has an important role in modern powder processing enterprises of environmentally friendly energy production lines. Vertical Roller Mill Energy conservation is a major trend in our industry's future development, energy conservation and environmental protection through the transformation of industrial equipment in China's future economic development will usher in more opportunities.

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