NFL offensive records to fall

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NFL offensive records to fall

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A whopping 11 out of the top 13 spots in single season passing yards are held by six players who are still active: Further ammunition, as if any was needed, that the NFL has exploded into a pass first, everything else last league.

Drew Brees has three of the top five seasons in passing yards history. He could break his own record, or it could be broken by Tom Brady or Matthew Stafford. Who knows, even Peyton Manning with Wes Welker on board could challenge.

Single Season Pass AttemptsObviously, this is another category loaded with current quarterbacks. Lions' quarterback Stafford set the record last year with 727 attempts.

Stafford just signed a $76.5 million contract with Detroit over the next five years.

Conclusion: You don't actually have to complete passes, just attempt them. Just kidding, though not much: Stafford is 1 22 in the regular season against teams with winning records.

The addition of Reggie Bush will only give Stafford more throwing options.

Single Season Passing TouchdownsBrady had 50 in 2007, and eight of the top 10 spots are held by five active players, three of them repeaters.

I remember when nobody thought Dan Marino's 48 scoring passes would be bettered. Fifty scoring tosses is a ton, but it could still fall.

Michael Vick holds the record with 1,039 yards, an astonishing number for a QB. Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick have the best chances to break the record, assuming Griffin's damaged knee holds up and Kaepernick stays in one piece.

Kaepernick put up 183 yards in a playoff game with Green Bay last season.

Or, if Cam Newton over there in Carolina decides to lead his team on the ground again this year, he might do it. He probably won't get the chance, though, because the Panthers Khalil Mack Kids Jersey want to spread the fun around more this year.

Single Season Rushing Touchdowns by Quarterback Derek Carr Womens Jersey

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Newton broke the record in 2012 with 14. He won't get that many this year, but one of the other running QBs might.

Single Season Pass ReceptionsWes Welker's 123 catches Khalil Mack Womens Jersey in 2009 is second only to Marvin Harrison's 143 in 2002.

Welker has had three of the top 10 all time seasons in the history of the NFL, in terms of receptions. Only Cris Carter approaches that, with two, and he's retired.

Welker is 32, an age that could be considered prime for a receiver who depends on his smarts as much as his physical prowess.

Welker now has Manning throwing to him, and Manning knows how to use slot receivers. Yes, Welker will share the spotlight this year, but he will still get ridiculous numbers.

Single Season Receptions, RookieEverybody's raving about Tavon Austin, and there's no reason to believe it's just hype. The guy is a lightning bolt Derek Carr Kids Jersey with moves.

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