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Often we are biking to work or fitting in a run during our lunch break, so we need gear and clothing that is versatile and holds up to being worn all day and subjected to being banged around in our bags. We also need gear that is comfortable and supports our performance. Read on to see the 19 items that made our staff members list of top picks.

Head of Audience, Adam Piotrowski needs earphones that hold up to intense sprint drills. He already been through several top rated pairs that didn last more than a week, because he worked up a sweat and shorted out one of the ear buds. Also, they weren comfortable nor fitted for his ears, so they fell out during his workouts. After doing research online, he ordered Decibullz which mold to the unique shape of your ears (using hot water). After several workouts, Piotrowski is happy with his Decibullz, telling us happily, don fall out! He explains that their sound is probably not ideal for true audiophiles, but for the price, he thinks they sound great. PRICE: $29.99.

2. loved how easy they were to put on in the morning, she says. only complaint is that sometimes my feet would go numb during my runs." Product Lead Jeffrey Storey says that his young son enjoys Lock Laces, as they make it easier for him Wholesale NFL Jerseys to get his shoes on. the Lock Laces I never have to worry about my shoes coming undone when I'm running trails, says Ryan (boyfriend of LIVESTRONG Content Editor Crissy Van Meter). stayed tight and never came loose. Ryan offers one warning: you don't cut them perfectly, you risk ruining them or not enjoying the fit." PRICE: $7.99.

3. Urbanears Plattan Headphones Assorted Colors

I wear my Urbanears Plattan headphones for all my runs, whether outdoors or on the treadmill. They comfortable for 5, 6 miles and more! They also have built in microphone for talking on the run if you get a phone call. Plus, they fold up for easy travel or to fit in a bag or purse. love my Urbanears because they don't make my ears sore I find that when I wear my ear buds for an extended amount of time sometimes my ears start to hurt, she says. can wear my urban ears headphone comfortably for much longer. PRICE: $59.90.

4. This top has a built in shelf bra and cool slim crisscross spaghetti straps, and it has a decent length so you won be showing skin at the waist. Also, it comes in some fun prints.

5. LuluLemon Mat Yoga Mat

I do yoga 5 times a week, and my old yoga mat was starting to look pretty sad. It was wearing thin in the spots where my toes dug in during downward dog, and it was cheap nfl jerseys china not sticky enough to give me traction nor thick enough to provide cushioning. A few months back I noticed a woman next to me in yoga class with a sleek, thick looking mat, and I asked where she got it. and I love wholesale nfl jerseys china it! she gushed. I picked one up that very day. It has a different surface on each side: smooth or grippy. I prefer the grippy side! I should also mention that it contains antimicrobial stuff to keep it from getting funky. The only downside is that it has a slight smell of tires because it made from rubber. PRICE: $68.00.

6. Fitletic Hydration Belt and Ultimate II Belt

I wish I had had the Fitletic Hydration Belt or Ultimate II running belt for my half marathon last year. I didn't use any type of running belt, and that was one thing I regretted. Fitletics various belt options offer a convenient and comfortable way to carry your water and energy gels. While running in my race I had my iPhone stuffed into a tight pocket in my running tights which wasn ideal. It would have been much easier to have had my phone in the water resistant Neoprene pocket of a Fitletic belt. There's always next time! PRICE: Pricing Varies.

7. These come in so many fun color combinations, and most importantly they incredibly comfortable with a flexible barefoot feel. What more, they are also Nike+ ready. really changed my running and was the first thing that allowed me to track time/distance/progress/etc. PRICE: $100.

8. They are calibrated to your gender, age, and weight so they can give you a more accurate calorie count than the elliptical machine or treadmill at your gym. SEO Inbound Marketing Manager. put it on even if I'm just doing 15 minutes of Cheap Jerseys warm up and burning 100 calories. PRICE: $99.95.

12. We both fans of bright, colorful running shoes. These Wave Sayonaras are light 7.1 ounces (Women and 8.1 ounces (Men and they have great traction. "My feet are a bit bony and my arches quite pronounced, said Plaza. it's not always easy for me to find tennis shoes that fit well and look good. This shoes provide with the snug fit I like and also give me support while still being light. I have run over 50 miles in mine so cheap jerseys china far, and they're comfortable and fast. PRICE: $119.99.

13. My favorites are definitely the tanks with messages on them. They really do wholesale jerseys help to motivate me to fit a workout in, or to cheap jerseys china push myself harder when I feel like giving up. This tank is pricey, but it has a unique mesh fabric and cool cut in back. It worth the splurge to me if I feel so good about wearing it to the gym that it gets me to burn more calories. PRICE: $59.99.

16. keep shin splints away and are comfortable on long runs. I agree! I ran my first half marathon in Brooks Adrenalines, and they were comfortable for the entire race cheap nfl jerseys (and many of my training runs). PRICE: $110.

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