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wounded mainly belong
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wounded mainly belong

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media reports, the fires caused by the accident 18 people were killed and 13 people were injured. Currently injured injury how [Reporter Prove: The main part of the injured genitals inhalation injury in Shouguang city hospital, the reporter learned that a severe wounded were sent here for treatment. One doctor told reporters yesterday admissions, patient breathing difficulties, is still in the intensive care unit rescue, not yet out of danger.Reporters learned that the majority of those injured were women, including two seriously injured patients, including wounded mainly belong to the genitals inhalation injury, as the seriousness of thenike free 6.0 womens injury, the latter still further observation.Shouguang Municipal Health Bureau deputy director of any wave that wounded mainly respiratory inhalation injury. The case of burns is relatively small, some individual burn, but the area is not large.Shouguang Fire Brigade deputy captain Lee Jong Kim judge according to the situation, casualties may be affected by the strong combustible materials, foams produce toxic gases, as well as company after the fire, the lack of awareness on fire employees and other 

factors. Xinhua News Agency, "China Network in" reporter Ye Jing China news agency, Bangkok, November 17 - Thai Army helicopter on the 17th evening in northern Thailand Phayao Province crashed directly under the county, including the Thai deputy commander of the Third Army, including Chung Peng nine officers were killed in a second plane crash.Local media quoted the Thai Army deputy spokesman Celestial Chan reported that the night 20:15 or so, take the remains of the aircraft's nine officers have been found, including the Thai deputy commander of the Third Army, including nine Chung Peng officers were killed, no survivors.Celestial Chan said Chung Peng et al., Evening ride Bell 212 helicoptersnike free 4.0 v2 womens  by Kun Chang Tammie Carla went to Chiang Rai Barracks military base, the helicopter about 10 minutes after takeoff, and lost contact with the ground.There's a helicopter accident to eyewitnesses, after the helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff from Kun Chang Tammie Kara in barracks far away, and was immediately engulfed in flames.Reported that the helicopter crash killed nine people, including the helicopter pilot, copilot, two mechanics and 

dust, littered the ground; waste catalyst, waste acid, waste organic solvents, fine distillation residue, sludge and other hazardous waste fails to declare, transfer, disposal.After rectification, biochemical pool pipes drip Department has blocked the sewage pool cooling tower has been repaired, the water level to reduce the contingency pool pumps lowest level; biochemical pool, the pool were stamped above the emergency treatment of carbide slag has been with Quanzhou and Lee Green Building Materials Co. Ltd. signed an agreement on the disposal, on-site inspection, the carbide slag yard were stamped with a tarp, some carbide slag have been disposed of; spent catalyst with the disposal company signed an agreement for the transfer formalities are currently being; wastewater treatment facility pipes and drainage channel has been cut, were blocked; sodium chloride salt electrolysis nike free 5.0 womens plant yard mud near ground water wells, rainwater mouth set cofferdam, and increased yard entrance, the front yard ditches were cleaned and Salt outer ditch connected with the collection, the salt can be directed to wastewater sludge yard of salt processing facilities; calcium carbide yard tarp were stamped, the construction of ditches, the ongoing disposal; internal drainage channel set up their own businesses 

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