Restricting the development of the crusher industry factors

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Our crusher industry in the promotion of rapid economic development, has occupied half of the market, while gradually into the international level. However, in the development and growth and maturation process, disparities, quality and other issues of clutter slowly come out, become restricted the development of the crusher industry fatal bottleneck. 1, the actual situation unpredictable quality, brand mixed fish heads Looking at the domestic Quarry Crusher industry's market environment, a single small and medium enterprises countless crusher, competition is increasingly fierce. Quality is the life, the brand is an important value-added enterprises. The actual situation is difficult to measure quality, brand clutter filling mix, a direct impact crusher industry combat. Therefore, improve product quality, casting the world brand, is the only way the development of the crusher industry. 2, low-tech, energy and more dust During the five-year plan, energy conservation has been an important goal of the pressure in various fields. Crusher industry as an important support infrastructure, has an indispensable role in the modernization drive. Traditional low-tech crusher equipment, companies do not pay attention to their innovation, not only failed to meet the needs of the market, they can not reduce the environmental pressure. Actively introduce advanced technology and talents to improve the technological content, independent research and low energy consumption, low dust, high utilization of the crusher equipment, crusher industry has become an important breakthrough in the development of the guide. 3, the gap between the poor, big but not strong Our country is broken machinery manufacturing country, accounting for about half of the world's total production of broken machinery, but in all respects is not very perfect. Compared with the international advanced level, the gap between the poor, the crusher industry is big but not strong. Faced with such a state, the domestic Sand Making Machine enterprises need to upgrade and stick combination, to seek the path of international development, to achieve out of the crusher industry to develop. In our crusher industry opportunities and challenges dual role, crusher enterprises to use wisdom and sense of innovation and seek new directions, and improve product quality, brand and technology to enhance market competitiveness and the ability of anti-crisis, break through the constraints of the crusher industry fence, toward health, a glorious future.

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