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In the large family of the crusher, jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment, but also many production lines in the most critical aspect. Therefore, the correct use and operation of jaw crusher is very important. ZENITH Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Over the years, crusher and other mining machinery and equipment production and research, are here for our customers to summarize the following precautions to help customers improve work efficiency and service life of equipment. 1, only when normal quarry crusher to work before they can be put into production materials; 2, need to be broken to be evenly delivered to jaw crusher crushing cavity, the bulk transport of materials or material from the side of the device may have resulted in unilateral overload, thus affecting the normal operation of equipment; 3, in the jaw crusher work process should pay attention to the temperature of the device, the device if the temperature is too high or abnormal, stop checks will be carried out immediately; 4, the device stops working before, would be the first stop feeding, portable crusher cavity After crushing the material until it can turn off the power; 5, in peacetime, but also pay attention to jaw crusher maintenance and repair, so conducive to the normal operation of equipment, extend equipment life. ZENITH Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the study of crushing equipment has been twenty years, especially in the study of jaw crusher to obtain excellent results, successfully developed, including the C series jaw crusher, DHKS Series Jaw Crusher, ASJ-E Series jaw crusher and other series of jaw crusher.

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