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Raymond mill is a widely used in mining, cement, chemical grinding equipment, is one of the important equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. Because Raymond stable performance, adaptability, cost-effective, self-citation Into the country more than 20 years, has been applied to non-metallic mineral processing popularity. Currently on the market enterprise producing countless Raymond, SBM machine raymond mill was able to field equipment in mines have sprung up everywhere, the reason lies in SBM machinery Raymond innovation, product performance and work hard with other Raymond phase than more competitive. SBM Raymond mill mechanical characteristics and advantages: 1, the whole for the vertical structure, small footprint, systematic, from raw materials to delivery to rough milling and final packaging, can be self-contained independent production system. 2. Compared with other milling equipment, through screening rate of 99%. 3, Raymond host transmission device uses sealed gear box and pulley, transmission smooth, reliable operation. 4, Raymond Mill important parts are made of high quality castings and profiles manufacturing, sophisticated technology, rigorous process to ensure the durability of the entire device. 5, the electrical system with centralized control, no one can achieve the basic milling plant operation and maintenance. Innovation is the soul of a nation, our equipment in the mine as a whole together abroad, there are still some gaps. Our equipment is to go abroad, on the one hand the introduction of advanced technology, on the other hand also rely on their own products constantly updated and upgraded. SBM Raymond mill will dominate the market in innovation in the world sold overseas.

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