Common Fault of Raw Iron Filings Dryer System

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Common Fault of Raw Iron Filings Dryer System

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Raw iron fillings dryer, which can also be called iron oxide red dryer or iron ore concentrate dryer, is one of the main machines for making surface gold mining equipment from china in the pig iron plant. The running reliability of raw iron fillings dryer directly influences the production efficiency and the normal operation of the follow-up procedures, for this reason, the maintenance and operating staff should learn to analyze and deal with the common faults of iron oxide red dryer system, and eliminate the problems in short time and try to resume production as soon as possible, which is very important. The raw iron fillings dryer system is mainly composed of CRUSHER SPARE PARTS INDIA red dryer and electromotor, and the relevant failures can be divided into mechanical fault and electrical fault. Here the common faults of raw iron fillings dryer system is analyzed by the experts of Fote Machinery. 1. Vibration. Raw iron fillings dyer generally adopts electrical machine to directly combine crushing machine, which is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. However, in the assembly process, if they cannot be well connected, this drying machine will vibrate. (1) The rotor of motor and the iron oxide red dryer is not concentric. Then we can move the position of the motor or add a pad under the motor pedestal to adjust the concentration of the two rotors. (2) The rotor of the iron oxide red dryer is not concentric. The reason may be that the two binding faces supporting the rotor shaft are not in the same plan. Then we can add a cgm crushing plant south africa under the supporting bearing house or add adjustable wedge iron under the bearing to ensure the two spindle noses concentric. (3) The crushing room has strong vibration, which may be caused by the decentraction of the connection of coupling and rotor or unevenness of the average weight of the hammers inside the rotor. At this time, we can adopt relevant method to adjust the connection of coupling and electromotor according to different types of couplings. When the hammer weights are uneven, customers should rearrange every group of hammers. 2. Bearing runs hot. Bearing is a crucial accessory of raw iron fillings dryer, and its performance will directly influence the normal operation and the production efficiency of the equipment. In the running mobile crushers works, customers should pay particular attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise of this part, to timely deal with it if any problem rises. (1) The two bearing pedestals have different height or the rotor of the electromotor and the raw iron fillings dryer is not concentric, which will make the bearing sustain impact beyond its working load, and the bearing will run hot. When this happens, stop the machine immediately and eliminate the fault, to prevent the bearing from be damaged. (2) Too much, too little or aged lubricating grease in the bearing is also the main reason causing overheating and damage of the crushers manufacturers in india. For this reason, customers should timely and quantitatively add lubrication grease according to the instruction. Generally speaking, the lubrication oil should be 70%-80% of the volume of the bearing. (3) The coordination of the bearing cap and shaft is too tight. If this happens, there will be frictional sound and obvious swing in the running process of the equipment, and then customers should stop the machine and dismantle the bearing, repair the frictional part and then reassemble it according to the requirement.

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