Efficient Maintenance Tips for Impact Crushers

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Efficient Maintenance Tips for Impact Crushers

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The new generation of Sand Making Machine is the upgrading version of the traditional jaw crusher by realizing the materials being crushed over and over inside the three level crushing cavities. The simplified crushing process makes the impact crusher a promising breaking machine in the modern market. Although the impact crusher is famous for its high efficiency, its weakness that the crushing hammer and impact board are easy to be worn shouldnt be ignored. In order to reduce the abrasion of the impact crusher and prolong its service life, our experts here will show you effective and efficient maintenance tips. 1. After the operation of the Rock Crushing Plant for Sale, we need to check the machine completely. Its also necessary for users to do a routine checking of the impact crusher every two month. Every week, we should make sure that the machines electric motor and lubricating parts are working normally. Moreover, we should inspect the following components: the belt transmission, the shaft sealing and the electric switch. 2. Every week, users need to check the working condition of the Hydraulic brick rock crusher hammer and the impact board and do regular maintenance and replacement of these parts. 3. Its important for us to adjust the distance between the rotor and the impact scale board. When the rotor runs, its not a proper time for us to adjust the distance. Learning about the three brief maintenance tips of the impact crusher, we are sure that customers will be more confident in the operation of the machine. To make full use of the impact crusher depends much on the reasonable and continuous maintenance.

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