Raymond Mill grinding process explanation

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Raymond Mill grinding process explanation

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Raymond grinding principle is as follows: the material by the crushing to the required size, the hoist will be sent to the material hopper material, and then by the vibration feeder to the material evenly into the Raymond mill grinding machine, due to rotation When the centrifugal force, the roller swing out, squeezed in the grinding ring, shovel shovel material sent to the roller and grinding ring between the rolling roller to achieve the purpose of grinding. Material after grinding the fine powder with the blower of the circulating wind was brought into the analysis machine for sorting, fineness of the material back to the heavy grinding, qualified fine powder with the air into the finished cyclone collector, the powder tube discharge, That is finished. Crushing equipment in the Raymond grinding room due to grinding material in a certain amount of water, grinding heat, water vapor evaporation, and the machine is not tightly connected to the pipeline, the outside world was inhaled, so that the circulating pressure increased to ensure that the mill in the Negative pressure state of work, the increase in air flow through the extra duct into the dust collector, was purified and discharged into the atmosphere. Roller and grinding ring is the main consumption of spare parts on Raymond Mill. Our factory has long used the high manganese steel. It has the advantages of short service life, frequent replacement of spare parts, large consumption of spare parts and high cost of milling. High manganese steel is a kind of steel with good toughness and good toughness and excellent hardening ability. The hardening of high manganese steel is very obvious in the three-way extrusion state, and the surface hardness is up to 910 Hv. But for the Raymond grinding roller, grinding ring, ball mill due to lack of impact, processing hardening effect is poor, more than 400 Hv hardening layer depth of less than 0.3 mm, from the surface of 1. 8 mm hardness of 255Hv, close to high manganese Steel mill, the original hardness of grinding ring 240 Hv. Therefore, high manganese steel used in the manufacture of Raymond grinding roller, grinding ring is not appropriate. Low cost, simple process, excellent performance Raymond grinding roller, grinding ring material is of great significance. Superfine grinding and ultrafine particles of the preparation technology is the preparation of ultra-fine powder material of the main technical means. Crushing equipment used in the field of powder processing micro-comminution equipment system, the main crushing mechanism and structural characteristics of the following forms: roller grinding micro-comminution system; counterattack, hammer micro-grinder system; ball mill micro-comminution system. At present, the ultra-fine grinding equipment to provide raw materials processing equipment to roll the majority of equipment, mainly hanging roller mill (Raymond mill), roller mill (vertical mill), roll mill and a variety of roller mill Variation equipment. Crusher due to Raymond Mill itself some of the structural characteristics and the use of features and more reliable operating rate for barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramics, broken glass, etc. Mohs hardness is not greater than 7, the humidity of 6% in a variety of materials such as milling processing, finished product size in the range of 100 mesh -425 mesh arbitrary adjustment. Raymond has been widely used in domestic and foreign mining, chemical, building materials and metallurgical non-metallic mineral processing has been widely used

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