Raymond Mill work analysis

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Raymond Mill work analysis
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Raymond Mill work analysis

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Raymond Mill work process: Large lumps by the jaw crusher to the required size, the material will be evenly and continuously into the host grinding mill for grinding, grinding powder after the fan was taken away by the wind turbine, the machine for the extension, in line with the fine The degree of powder with the air flow through the pipeline into the whirlwind collector, the separation of the collection, after the discharge in the tube is finished powder. The airflow is then blown into the blower by the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The entire airflow system of the unit is closed and circulated in positive and negative pressure conditions. If you do not use the hoist, storage silo, vibration feeder, can be artificially even feeding. In the Raymond Mill room due to the grinding material has a certain amount of water, grinding heat generated when the grinding chamber air volume increases, by adjusting the fan and the host between the air duct to the balance of airflow, and the excess purification into the atmosphere In the bag to always shake, so that the exhaust effect is good. 1, the host work process is driven by the transmission device to drive the central axis of rotation, the top of the shaft connected to the plum frame, equipped with a roller device on the roll to form a swing fulcrum, which not only around the center of rotation, while grinding roller around the grinding ring revolving at the same time, The roller itself rotates due to friction. 2, the analysis machine through the motor by speed rotation on the turntable rotation of the blade, the formation of the role of the extension of the powder. 3, the large whirlpool collector multi-milling machine performance plays a very important role, when the powder flow into the collector when the high-speed rotation state, to be separated from the air flow and powder, the air with the cone wall to the center of the cone to the cone At the end of the formation of a rotating upward flow of the cylinder, which is the powder is separated from the collection. Raymond Mill Use Note: 1, in order to make Raymond Mill normal operation, should be developed "equipment maintenance and safe operation system" in order to ensure long-term safe operation of Raymond Mill, at the same time to have the necessary maintenance tools and grease and the corresponding accessories. 2, Raymond mill grinding roller device used for more than 500 hours or so to re-replace the roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearing must be cleaned, the damage should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tools available manual pump and grease gun. 3, Raymond Mill in the course of the use of fixed personnel should be responsible for care, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Raymond Mill before the installation of the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle of Raymond Mill performance, familiar with the operating procedures. 4, Raymond grinding with a period of time, should be overhauled at the same time on the grinding mill grinding blade and other wearing parts for repair and replacement parts, roller device before and after the use of connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully checked to see if there is loose Phenomenon, whether the addition of grease

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