Several parts of the Raymond Mill

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Several parts of the Raymond Mill

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The development of Raymond Mill in recent years is too fast, whether it is from the model or from the function are carried out a fine division, it can be said that all areas have their own dedicated milling machine, but with the mill work Time lengthened, it is to bring people to facilitate the creation of benefits at the same time, but also the constant loss, so the usual use of Raymond Mill, it should pay attention to the maintenance of the mill, in addition to some basic maintenance , There will be some mill we can not touch or unexpected maintenance parts, these parts of the normal operation of the mill has a crucial role. Raymond Mill blade is mainly used for continuous shoveling of the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring, the blade in the continuous shovel when the material with a long time contact friction, very vulnerable to wear, damage to the blade will be serious Can not shovel the material, resulting in Raymond Mill work efficiency by a certain degree of impact. Grinding and grinding roller is the crushing of the whole equipment. After the material is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the grinding and grinding action of the grinding wheel is carried out to achieve the detailed comminution. The ring is not only subject to the friction of the material, but also by its mutual friction between the force. When the grinding roller and grinding ring serious wear or wear is not even, the material will also affect the production of fine powder, the phenomenon of uneven fineness of finished products. In general, Raymond Mill's blade, grinding ring and roller in the role of the mill is very important in the entire crushing process to play an important task, it is also the most easy on the mill Wear parts. It is recommended to check the blade, grinding ring and roller wear degree, reasonable maintenance of these parts of the life can be greatly extended.

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