Raymond Mill for winter season maintenance knowledge

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Raymond Mill for winter season maintenance knowledge

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With the arrival of the winter, Raymond Mill season maintenance has become a lot of users most concerned about the topic, for Raymond Mill daily basic maintenance measures that we already already very familiar with, but in our grinding When the maintenance of the machine, some may not pay attention to the maintenance of "dead" and the following Great Wall Heavy Industries to all of our users under the usual is not easy to detect and neglect the maintenance of common sense. 1, the spindle maintenance to be in place. Spindle refueling time twice per class, but must pay attention to, found that oil within the oil cup is not lost and loss is too slow, should immediately clean the oil. Plus mechanical oil, oil cup position in the top of the plum. Spindle bearings, fan bearings, roller shaft bearings every ten days with a grease gun grease once, the analyzer bearing every two months to open a cleaning, plus grease. 2, the roller to be timely replacement, keep clean. Raymond Mill grinding roller device used more than 500 hours or so to re-replace the roller, and grinding roller grinding blade and other wearing parts to repair the replacement, roller device before and after the use of bolts and nuts should be carefully Check whether there is a loose phenomenon, whether the grease is sufficient. Because it is the most direct killer that causes the mill temperature to rise and affect the effect of the mill. The most need to pay attention to the place is the Raymond Mill in the feed to be strictly reviewed to prevent some metal blocks into the machine, hurt the roller and grinding ring, greatly promote the grinding wheel grinding end of the scrapped limit, increase the late Maintenance costs, increase the cost of the company, undermining the final grinding powder Raymond effect, damage to our Raymond Mill itself image.

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