Advantages of Ultrafine Grinding Structure of Coal Gangue

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Advantages of Ultrafine Grinding Structure of Coal Gangue

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The exterior structure of coal gangue superfine grinding is similar to that of vertical ultrafine mill. It is mainly composed of lining plate, roller, grinding ring, electric motor and regulating device. It is not only beautiful in appearance but also very advanced and reasonable in internal structure. Safety protection devices and automatic control devices, the degree of automation can be greatly improved, the operation process does not require too much labor, human and material investment costs of ultra-low, each year for the processing plant to save a lot of money. Advantages of Ultrafine Grinding Performance of Coal Gangue Coal gangue ultrafine mill using high-end technology to build, compared to the same type of ultra-fine grinding on the market, the device's unique advantages are as follows: 1, adjust the device flexibility, the actual operation is more simple and easy to adjust a wide range, according to the requirements of the size of coal gangue to adjust the size of the operation is very simple. 2, the adaptability of coal gangue, can be any hardness, humidity, coal gangue for milling, to reduce the wear rate of equipment has played an important role. 3, unique chassis design, the use of more sophisticated raw materials, wear resistance, the service life of more than 2 times longer. 4, energy consumption and power consumption reduced by 20% -30% or more, each year for the processing plant to save more than 80,000 yuan cost.

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