How to configure the ultrafine mill production line

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How to configure the ultrafine mill production line

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Production line is to fully improve the efficiency of workers and equipment tooling, raw materials through a series of processing to complete the user needs of the product, the composition of the production line is the production line, today's ultrafine mill production activities known as ultrafine mill production line, is specifically for the ore milling production line equipment, ultrafine mill production line how to configure the user to become a concern. The following look, SBM to the user's package: SBM according to various types of stone in a number of aspects of the characteristics of production, integrated ultrafine mill production line of the overall advantages of the user to configure the ultrafine mill production line, including a full set of crusher, bucket elevator, storage silo , Vibration feeder, micro-grinding host, frequency classifier, double whirlpool collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor, electrical control system and other equipment consisting of a production line, this program configuration Also has a certain advantage exists, mainly in the following aspects: 1, ultrafine mill production line of the program, to the user's biggest advantage is to simplify the production process, the market we often see the production line in the production line, there are three, four broken to complete the entire production, Now SBM simplifies these production processes to two pieces of production, such a design, not only can reduce the host equipment at the same time, but also reduce the crusher equipment and milling equipment between the feeding belt conveyor and these devices in operation The process of electricity consumption, wear parts and other wear and tear. 2, another ultrafine mill production line configuration of the crusher and the micro-grinding machine which can not only simplify the production process, colleagues can also achieve lower energy consumption in the 30-40% between the wear and tear to reduce the consumption of 70-80%, in order to achieve a total investment reduction between 20-30%. For the ultrafine mill production line how to configure this problem, or the need for specific content specific analysis, the actual production configuration is not theoretically so smooth sailing. But Shanghai SBM willing to exclude all difficulties, in good faith for every customer configuration reasonable and efficient ultrafine mill production line.

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