River gravel sanding selection VSI sand making machine does not work?

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River gravel sanding selection VSI sand making machine does not work?

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First, the river pebble profile River gravel, artificial mechanism sand production equipment can also be a good operation, so that the use of high-end configuration of the VSI sanding machine to crush the river pebble is absolutely applicable, the detailed information on the VSI sand for the river pebble Sand production process equipment knowledge described below: Second, VSI sand making machine for river pebble sedimentation feasibility analysis 1, first of all, VSI sand making machine is the upgrading of ordinary sand equipment, whether it is in the sand production capacity, or in the applicable range and so have a great change, so for the river pebble sand treatment No pressure 2, followed by the VSI sand processing machine after the river gravel finished material grade is higher, completely replace the natural sand for the current construction of sand production operations; 3, finally, VSI sand making machine in the production design is the integration of domestic and foreign advanced environmentally friendly sand concept, and strive to achieve green sand production operations, so even if the mine is the voice of green production today, VSI sand machine still More suitable for the river pebble sand production operations. Third, VSI sand making machine in the river pebble sanding process in which the advantages of performance 1, processing capacity: improved after the upgrade of the VSI sand machine sand production capacity can be up to the same power under the traditional sanding equipment 1-2 times; 2, the finished product sand shape excellent: after the VSI sand machine treatment of gravel material mostly cube, grain shape is good, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable, can meet the current demand for the construction of sand; 3, the machine wear high: the machine in the design more emphasis on equipment wear, compression construction, all important parts are selected high-quality castings and profiles made of; 4, equipment maintenance facilities: In addition to the fuselage to keep the observation door, the new version of VSI sand machine also uses a hydraulic cover device, more convenient for post-maintenance and observation equipment operation.

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