Process of Ultrafine Grinding Process of Water

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Process of Ultrafine Grinding Process of Water

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The development of the value of water slag is not only for the enterprise to bring economic benefits, good for industrial services, but also reduce the great environmental pollution. With the country's economic and technological development, water slag ultrafine mill type of processing equipment will waste water into waste. Has become a very important cement manufacturing additives. The cement with the addition of the slag powder has a greater toughness and strength, which greatly improves the overall performance of the cement. But in the processing of cement slag for the fineness of the slag has a clear requirement, and the requirements of the fineness of the slag powder and cement to the fineness of the equivalent, so as not to affect the quality of cement. Water slag ultra-fine grinding can be processed in the finished product from 300 to 3000 mesh. Can effectively cooperate with the production of cement. The previous water slag processing equipment is mainly used in the ball mill, rotary kiln and other equipment for processing, due to the relatively large power of the ball mill to bring a lot of economic losses, profit dilution led to business difficulties. Rotary kiln production technology is complex, and the yield is low, the effect is poor. The emergence of ultra-fine grinding of water slag greatly improved the situation, the successful implementation of processing water slag high fineness, high yield capacity. SBM machine water slag ultra-fine grinding products, not only to meet the needs of the cement industry can also be used in advanced cement, advanced coatings, advanced building materials needs. Because of its high fineness of processing, it is widely favored in industrial production. Its processing slag powder unit output can be as high as 20 tons. And the power is only half of the ball mill. Process simplification, mainly slag residue - ultra-fine milling machine ---- powder generated. Greatly saves electricity costs. Expand the development of enterprises and the future development of space. Customer demand can not just a single section of the water slag ultrafine mill equipment needs, isolated equipment is unable to complete the production needs, all need to go through the engineers rigorous equipment selection and program design, very detailed technical support, including Customer site selection, site design, equipment planning, and so on to provide customers with first-class quality of the water residue process equipment.

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