Impact crusher model naming rules

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Impact crusher model naming rules

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What is the rule of the impact crusher? Each mine equipment has several different models, equipment, there is how the relationship between the type, with what the rules and standards? For example, counter-break broken into PF-1007, PF-1010, PF-1315 and other different names, the following general Xiaobian will impact broken stone machine as an example to specify the naming rules of different mining equipment. First, the letter PF on behalf of the type of equipment, P on behalf of the crusher is its first letter, F on behalf of the counter-break, so see the PF combination is a crusher simplified symbol, E broken, hammer broken, etc. is also true, Is the PE, hammer broken PC, like this name of the first letter of a lot of names, easier to understand, no more details. Second, 1007/1010 and other data on behalf of what? Before understanding the meaning of the digital Xiaobian first to bring you to know the impact accessories rotor, the rotor by the spindle, turntable, plate hammer, plate hammer fixtures and other components, no rotor, impact crusher can not work properly, the rotor as a broken pieces Is an irreplaceable component of impact. Different types of broken stone rotor rotor size differences, such as PF-1007 rotor size 1000x700, PF-1010 rotor size 1000x1050, PF-1210 rotor size 1250x1050. By comparing the difference between the broken model and the rotor size, it is not difficult to see that the designation of the equipment model is based on the rotor size. Finally, the rotor size represents those parts, which we understand the composition of the rotor structure, the rotor size is the length of the spindle, turntable and plate hammer rotating ring diameter, that is, the size of the entire rotor running volume.

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