Raymond Mill grinding materials to pay attention to points

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Raymond Mill grinding materials to pay attention to points

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raymond mill on the processing of materials have a certain amount of water requirements, under normal circumstances the material moisture should not be more than 10% can be ground, but different materials in the grinding of the water contained in the same is not the same. Raymond Mill's working principle determines that we have to scruple the moisture of the material, otherwise the final grinding out of things can not be used, resulting in a variety of waste. Then we have a specific look at the specific aspects of this issue, I hope you have some understanding of this. The principle of work is: large pieces of material through the jaw crusher and other primary crushing equipment processing, the hoist will be sent to the storage hopper material, after the vibration feeder to the material into the host grinding room for grinding, After the grinding powder is taken by the wind turbine flow through the analysis machine grading, in line with the fineness of the powder with the air through the pipeline into the whirlwind collector, the separation of collection, and then discharged by the powder into the finished product. In this process, if the material humidity is too large, in the process of grinding, the material will be mixed with the roller, grinding ring is not easy to grind, grinding material through the analysis machine, it is likely to cause the analysis machine Blocked, which will eventually lead to a decline in production. Therefore, when the material is processed with raymond mill, the more dry the material, the faster the processing and grinding, the more fully processed, the final production will be greatly improved.

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