What are the factors that affect the technical efficiency of Raymond Mill

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What are the factors that affect the technical efficiency of Raymond Mill

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The main factors that affect the technical efficiency of raymond mill are probably summarized mainly by the following aspects. Ore Properties: The composition and physical properties of the ore are of great interest to the technical efficiency of the grinding process. For example, when the ore has a thick particle size, loose and soft structure, easy to wear. And when the useful mineral embedded cloth grain size thinning, compact structure and hardness, it is more difficult to wear. In general, the coarse grain level is easier when rough grinding, resulting in faster particle size, and fine is more difficult. Because the fragile surface of the material decreases as the particle size decreases, it becomes more and more solid, so the speed of the resulting particle size is slower. Therefore, the grinding efficiency of coarse grinding is higher than that of fine grinding. Equipment factors: equipment factors on the grinding efficiency have a certain impact. For example, the overflow type ball mill discharge speed is slow, large density of mineral particles is not easy to discharge, prone to smashing phenomenon. In addition, with the grinding machine into a closed circuit grading machine, when the classification efficiency is low, easy to crush, it will reduce the grinding technology efficiency. Operational factors: operational factors will undoubtedly affect the efficiency of grinding technology. For example, in the closed-circuit grinding, the return to the sand than large, and more than the normal mine through the ability, in the grinding products will appear running rough phenomenon. And return to the sand is too small, or no return to the sand, it is easy to cause crushing phenomenon. Another example is the load is too large, the grinding products running rough phenomenon is serious, and the load is insufficient, then crushed serious. Therefore, when the matte requirements to mine uniform and stable. To the ore when the large and small will affect the grinding technology efficiency. Grinding grain size of each section to determine the unreasonable, but also affect the grinding technology efficiency.

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