Ultrafine mill maintenance care what are the specific issues

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Ultrafine mill maintenance care what are the specific issues

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Do not look at ultrafine mill just with a pile of cold iron products, but their life is limited, especially for the majority of users, in daily use if you do not pay attention, but also shorten its Life expectancy, early retirement status. So in order to extend the service life of ultrafine mill, the key lies in maintenance. Below Colli Rick for the majority of users summed up the number of ultrafine mill maintenance and conservation of specific matters, I hope the majority of users. First, the operator is the closest contact with the ultrafine mill, the most direct impact on the factors that regulate the operation, to ensure the effective production of stability, reduce equipment damage, which requires staff must undergo a rigorous training before Can be admitted to work, as the saying goes Bole enlightenment Maxima, skilled operators like Bole, ultrafine grinding machine allows the best results. Second, ultrafine mill external working environment should be taken to avoid open-air production, exposure, rain and rain on the mill will have varying degrees of damage, if the body water, the effect is even worse, the surface of the mill should also be painted with anti-leakage Rust grease, rust and rust should be immediately dealt with and rust preventive measures. Third, the ultrafine mill accessories should also be good maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, one by one investigation from the outside to the inside, it is best to grind mill components list, beware of omissions and found serious wear and tear parts need to be replaced Loose or missing bolts should be filled and tightened. Fourth, the ultra-fine grinding machine parts lubrication parts must be done, the lubricant is not easy to add too much or too little, summer and winter lubricants selection should be correct, and this part of the cleaning must pay attention to the work , Impurities will pollute the lubricant effect of its lubrication, it is best to regularly clean based on the work intensity to add a new lubricant. Fifth, mill working hours should be well planned in detail, try to avoid overwork, overworked not only low production efficiency, huge damage to the machine, is one of the killer to shorten the service life.

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