Portable crusher plant bearing temperature is too high

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Portable crusher plant bearing temperature is too high

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Construction of waste recycling, the first thing that needs is crushing and screening, Portable crusher plant of the mechanized high strength, reasonable structure, the domestic cement industry has begun to gradually reduce construction waste, recycling. Today's top priority is to conserve natural resources and protect the production environment, which is of high economic value. Cement equipment is the "manufacturing star." The mobile crushing plant can successfully crush any material to the desired particle size. With the Portable crusher plant of high-intensity work. Bearings are the primary part of the job, so many users can not understand why it is due to overheating bearings. When the mobile crushing plant bearing temperature is too high, it is possible that the crusher belt too tight, the belt can be properly adjusted elastic. Second, check whether the lubricating oil in the cavity is enough, if the amount of oil is not enough, you can clean it first and add the lubricating oil. Check if the oil hole is clogged with foreign material such as dust. Lead to join the lubricating oil can not enter the need to lubricate the site. It can also cause the bearing temperature to rise. Finally, check the bearing cap and bearing tightness, too tight or too loose will affect the operation of equipment.

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