Construction waste crusher development

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Construction waste crusher development

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At this stage, when we deal with construction waste, we mainly apply the construction waste in the grassroots and foundation packing after it is recycled and the production of concrete bricks and concrete blocks. Therefore, we need to introduce more effective construction waste crusher, and effective application. 1, towards the development of lightweight and reduction Current screening machines and crushers all have certain processing capabilities. However, the basic requirements of a mobile crusher are hardly satisfied because of the bulky equipment and the large overall size, which make it difficult to integrate into one platform. Therefore, should be lightweight, small size of the equipment developed to ensure that more convenient and flexible treatment of construction waste. 2, toward the direction of automation When dealing with construction waste, because of the loud noise and harsh environment, a large amount of powder layer appears in the air and the safety of workers at high speed is threatened by the equipment. When dealing with construction waste, minimizing worker participation and improving the automation of the equipment will become an important equipment for handling construction waste. 3, Towards a diversified mission In order to be able to better recovery of construction waste, we will be more stringent recovery technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more suitable construction waste treatment equipment, with the ability to screen and crush construction waste to ensure better treatment of these recycled aggregates, thereby continuously improving the performance of recycled aggregates.

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