Ultrafine mill to promote the creation of new points of calcium carbonate

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Ultrafine mill to promote the creation of new points of calcium carbonate

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Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as heavy calcium carbonate, referred to as TSP, is the use of high-quality calcite processed from raw materials into white powder, its main component is CaCO3, heavy calcium whiteness, good purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition Features. Therefore, heavy calcium is a good filler commonly used in industry. Heavy calcium is commonly used as filler, but also widely used in artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, construction supplies, food, medicine, Feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industry, as a filler to increase the volume of products, reduce production costs. Used in rubber, can increase the volume of rubber, rubber processing to improve, play a semi-reinforcing or reinforcing effect, and can adjust the hardness of rubber. In recent years, with the increasing demand of industrial powder, the industrial demand for heavy calcium powder is getting bigger and bigger. The production of large-scale heavy calcium powder in different regions has successively been produced. We know that the mineral resources are passed through the crusher, the mill Deep processing of ore, and then through the fine magnetic separation, calcination and other technical means for processing, you can greatly improve the utilization of ore, which is undoubtedly the domestic mining industry to reverse the passive situation of development opportunities. In this regard, ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd. as a national mining machinery important equipment supplier, focusing on ultrafine powder grinding technology research and improvement, increase research and development efforts, has introduced for the production of ultrafine powder tricyclic medium speed mill Powder machine, ultrafine mill and other fine powder equipment, complete model, the use of powerful, the use of a more extensive range of equipment have reached the national quality supervision system standards, stable and reliable work, strong production capacity of various industries ultrafine powder Production makes a great contribution. ZENITH specializes in the field of fine powder grinding and is willing to provide more efficient and energy-saving mill equipment for the development of ultra-fine powders.

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