ZENITH new vertical mill became the new fulcrum of mine machine

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ZENITH new vertical mill became the new fulcrum of mine machine

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Vertical mill is widely used at home and abroad based on advanced technology, combined with many years of mill-based mill experience, design and development of advanced grinding equipment. Is a set crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one of the ideal equipment industry. Can be widely used in cement, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic mineral and other industries. For the massive, granular and powdered raw materials ground into the required powder material. xzm ultrafine mill mainly by the separator, roller device, grinding device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. Separator is a high efficiency, energy-saving powder sorting device. Roller is used to crush the material parts. Milling disc fixed to the output shaft of the reducer, roller grinding material is the place. Pressurizing unit is to provide grinding roller grinding components, the roller provides sufficient pressure to crush the material. As we all know, the development and utilization of mineral resources are closely linked with the mining machinery industry. As a lead passer of the mining machinery industry, Shanghai ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd. pays close attention to the development and utilization of national resources at all times and is also concerned about the development direction and future of national resources trend. Shanghai GM of ZENITH knows exactly how important these are for the survival of an enterprise and how crucial it is. Therefore, Shanghai ZENITH vigorously develop new products to produce a new type of vertical mill, low investment costs, low operating costs, drying ability, easy operation and reliable, stable product quality, easy maintenance, environmental clean, is the majority of customers A good choice.

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