Raymond grinding lubricant basic types

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Raymond grinding lubricant basic types

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For raymond mill, failure of the equipment during construction not only affects the efficiency of the work but also may reduce the useful life of the equipment. In order to avoid this from happening, it is necessary to lubricate the equipment. Raymond wear is mainly reflected in the wear and tear of parts face, in order to solve the wear and tear parts of equipment, in addition to using excellent materials, select advanced manufacturing technology, design a reasonable structure, the use of the process to be done An important task is to protect the Raymond grinding equipment, reasonable lubrication. Good lubrication can make Raymond mill maintain normal working clearance and suitable working temperature so as to reduce parts wear and reduce Raymond mill failure. Normal and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce Raymond mill failure , To this end, to the rational use of lubricants, according to the type of Raymond mill and application of the different structure of the normal selection of lubricants Here I introduce the conventional state can be divided into the following four basic types: Solid lubricant. Such as graphite, platinum disulfide, nylon and so on Liquid lubricant. It is a very versatile lubricant, including mineral lubricants, animal and plant lubricants, synthetic lubricants and so on. Gas lubricants. Any gas can be used as a gas lubricant, but commonly used air, followed by oxygen, carbon and so on. Gas lubricants are mainly used for lubrication of gas bearings. Semi-solid lubrication Liu. Is a wider use of lubricants, including soap-based grease, hydrocarbon-based grease, inorganic grease and organic grease and other types of grease. In use should be noted that, can not use low-grade lubricants, but not inferior products. If it is emergency conditions, the use of different types and grades of lubricant substitute, after the lubrication system must be cleaned and promptly replace the normal lubricant

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