SBM tells you how to repair the construction waste shredder

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SBM tells you how to repair the construction waste shredder

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Machinery is very popular in this year's sales industry, in a highly competitive machinery market based on, we must attach importance to the updating of equipment and functions of complete, high quality and price concessions, we smash production equipment SBM Heavy Industry is well-known in the industry equipment. We SBM is a professional manufacturer of shredders, of which our construction waste crusher in the market's attention is still very high, not only well-formed and full-featured medium and small equipment can be tailor-made, and construction waste crushed The machine should also be overhauled, below, I will tell you about the maintenance of construction waste shredders. The construction rubbish shredder needs regular maintenance including weekly inspection and monthly inspection. Construction waste mill monthly inspection: Check the screen surface wear and tear, vibrating screen found obvious local wear and tear should take the necessary measures (such as the exchange of location, etc.), and re-fastening screen surface. Vibrating screen Check the entire screen frame, vibrating screen mainly check the main beam and the whole beam weld situation, vibrating screen and carefully check for local cracks. Check the sieve box all the bolts side of the case, vibrating screen when the bolt and the side plate found gaps or loose, the vibrating screen should be replaced with new bolts. Weekly inspection of construction waste mill: Inspect the vibration exciter, screen surface, supporting devices and other parts of the bolt fastening, shale shaker should be tightened when loose. Check the condition of the transmission and the locking of the connecting bolts. Check the degree of tension of the belt by the shaker and, if necessary, tighten properly. Shaker inspection sieve, the shaker should pay special attention to see unbalance on the flywheel fixed weight is reliable, such as the fixed is not strong, sieve operation, vibrating screen unbalance weight may be from the flywheel, leading to accidents. I believe we SBM will go more smoothly in the future, our construction rubbish shredder will let customers all like, if you have any questions, then come to our factory, we have more professional skills Staff to explain to you, looking forward to your arrival.

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