How to improve the wear resistance of Raymond mill

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How to improve the wear resistance of Raymond mill

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Raymond mill as an important industrial milling equipment, since its inception has been well-known to consumers, with the Raymond Mill replacement, the user of the mill equipment in all aspects of the demand are rising, Production, fineness, efficiency, quality of equipment and manufacturers of after-sales service, these areas have become the focus of customers in the choice, we all know that milling equipment is through grinding grinding materials, then there is a problem Everyone is asking: how to improve the abrasion resistance of raymond mill? The following step by force professional technicians to explain to you about it. Raymond mill to improve customer wear resistance to how to do? First, the grinding roller, grinding ring, blade is the three major parts of Raymond machine, the three vulnerable parts if the usual maintenance of good, it can greatly improve the production and equipment life, when used in peacetime Good lubrication, can form a good protective film to protect the wearing parts; Second, the use of equipment 500 hours to replace the roller, to prevent wear and tear caused by the roller wear and tear of the entire set of equipment or failure. When purchasing the best professional staff to buy accessories, to buy good quality accessories. Third, improve Raymond mill abrasion resistance is to improve the wear resistance of equipment parts; Raymond machine to enhance the degree of wear resistance Mai is how to do? First, the grinding roller rings and shovels with 65 manganese, the experiment found that the use of this material has significantly improved wear resistance, characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance, this material is mainly used for equipment in addition to Iron material processing, wear resistance, and toughness has greatly improved; Second, the use of manganese 13 material, the use of accessories of this material, the degree of wear is also greatly improved, the use of the process by the severe impact and pressure deformation, the surface hardening, resulting in a high wear-resistant surface layer , While the inner layer also maintains excellent toughness, even if it is worn to a thin, can withstand greater impact load. Third, some good metal elements can also improve Raymond machine parts wear resistance, when you look at the choice of accessories, the proportion of metal can probably know whether the standard. How to improve the wear resistance of Raymond machine? Now through the above introduction we all know about it in this regard, in general, to Raymond mill more wear-resistant, we must work hard from the wearing parts above.

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